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Contact Print V (c) John Pollak

Contact print V

John Pollak

Form & Matter

May 8th - June 20th, 2009


John Pollak’s new work deals with abstract forms and structure. He is interested in the interaction of the two dimensional abstraction of the photography and the meaning of the presented picture, which is not immediately revealed to the viewer. With the awareness of the sense a new way of perception opens up.


The Holocaust Memorial, conceived by Peter Eisenman and presented to the Berlin public in May 2005, is the subject of this new series of photography. Each picture detail, which partly just consists of geometrical fields of different gray scales, makes possible to feel something severe and monumental and to intuit silentness and finality. A hint to the subject helps the viewer to get a lot of different, further sensations.

Interaction VII

The Jewish composer Ursula Mamlok presented piano improvisations at the opening. With those compositions she reacted to the exhibited photography.